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I fly and I alight as an hawk

of mother-of-emerald are my mighty-sweeping wings.

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Name:General Hawk
Birthdate:Oct 19
Location:Melbourne, VIC, Australia
General C. Abernathy, code-name "Hawk", Commander of the elite counter-terrorist origination known as "the JOES".

Commander of Empire Taskforce Earth.

Empire Strong.

Interests (87):

alchemy, alternate universes, anti-religion, artillery, assassins, being the godsdamned iron fist of the force, berets, bondmates, brain bleach, cloaking technology, command decisions, commuting, concealed weapons, constructive insubordination, counter-terrorism, dammit breaker, dammit edward, dammit flint, dammit why, dealing with spoop, double-bladed lightsabers, dual wielding, eliminating red-tape, explicit holonet calls, explosives, eye bleach, field exercises, force bonds, freeki breeki, fuck earth, fuck greenland, fuck religion, fuck templars, fuck the federation, fuck this shit, fuck utah, getting shit in order, government, guns n ammo, handsing at the force, hawk symbolism, hawks, hello kitty, intrusion countermeasures, ironic t-shirts, kicking ass and taking names, killing cobra, killing templars, kitty's murder-knife, kitty/hawk, knives, long-distance holonet calls, military life, not being a desk-jockey, not the federation, profanity, professionalism, putting earth in time-out, repoing my spoop, roses, secular humanism, shock and awe, sith, sith alchemy, sith apprenticeships, sith metaphysics, sometimes protocol, sparring, spoop i guess, stabbing templars, strength/victory, strife and transformation in the force, stupid destro jokes, tactics, team building, the brotherhood, the color green, the dark side, the empire, the force, the multiverse, the rose of victory, the sith, things that are classified, things you don't have clearance for, unseeing things, victory/command
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